Governance Structure

Maib has a governance structure which adheres to best international practices. It has a Supervisory Board consisting of 7 members, including 3 independent directors. There are three committees overseeing key functions of the bank reporting into the Supervisory Board.

Executive management is represented by the Management Board of 7 members, and an extended management group which includes other key executives.

You can view the composition of both the Supervisory Board and the Management Board in the About maib section of this website.

You can view the structure of executive management and composition of executive bodies in the Disclosure section of this website.



Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Nominates and evaluates candidates to the Supervisory Board and Management Board as well as to key holding positions
  • Advises the Supervisory Board on the compensation system for the Supervisory and the Management Boards
  • Supervises and evaluates the overall implementation of the remuneration Policy and the remuneration practices in the Bank
  • Suggest to the AGM the remuneration principles/system and the expenses budget for the Supervisory Board
Shareholders (Annual General Meeting)

Supreme governing body

  • Elects Supervisory Board members
  • Approves chages to the Charter and capital
  • Approves reorganization or any other significant change in the corporate structure
Supervisory board
  • Supervisory board consists of 7 members, o/w three members are independent and two members represent the largest shareholder.
  • Approves the Bank’s Strategy and supervises the activities of the Bank.
  • Appoints the Management Board members.
  • Elects external auditor of the Bank.
  • Creates specialized Committee.
  • Approves “large” exposers and transactions over 10% of the Bank’s assets.
Management Board
  • Appointed by the Supervisory Board
  • Consists of 7 members in total
  • Among them - Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
External Auditor

Current Auditor: PwC, 3 years
Half-year reviews since 2022

Audit Committee
  • Reports to the Supervisory Board
  • Interacts with the External Auditor
  • The Chairman of the Committee is an independent Supervisory Board member
Risks Committee
  • Supports supervision of the Risk Management, Develops Appropriate Culture in the Bank and Compliance
  • Supports Nomination and Remuneration Committee in evaluation of the remuneration practices applied in the Bank