Governance Structure

Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Nominates and evaluates candidates to the Supervisory Board and Management Board as well as to key holding positions
  • Advises the Supervisory Board on the compensation system for the Supervisory and the Management Boards
  • Supervises and evaluates the overall implementation of the remuneration Policy and the remuneration practices in the Bank
  • Suggest to the AGM the remuneration principles/system and the expenses budget for the Supervisory Board
Shareholders (Annual General Meeting)

Supreme governing body

  • Elects Supervisory Board members
  • Approves chages to the Charter and capital
  • Approves reorganization or any other significant change in the corporate structure
Supervisory board
  • Supervisory board consists of 7 members, o/w three members are independent and two members represent the largest shareholder.
  • Approves the Bank’s Strategy and supervises the activities of the Bank.
  • Appoints the Management Board members.
  • Elects external auditor of the Bank.
  • Creates specialized Committee.
  • Approves “large” exposers and transactions over 10% of the Bank’s assets.
Management Board
  • Appointed by the Supervisory Board
  • Consists of 7 members in total
  • Among them - Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
External Auditor

Current Auditor: PwC, 3 years
Half-year reviews since 2022

Audit Committee
  • Reports to the Supervisory Board
  • Interacts with the External Auditor
  • The Chairman of the Committee is an independent Supervisory Board member
Risks Committee
  • Supports supervision of the Risk Management, Develops Appropriate Culture in the Bank and Compliance
  • Supports Nomination and Remuneration Committee in evaluation of the remuneration practices applied in the Bank