About maib


Maib is the leader of the Moldovan banking market by:

  •  loans, deposits, distribution network, brand perception and most other key indicators

The customer base is nearly 900 thousand across retail, SME and corporate segments

About maib


Maib distribution network consists of over 2 thousand employees and:

  • 144 branches and agencies
  • 292 ATMs
  • 9,845 POS terminals

Maib is consistently growing and profitable. It is one of the largest dividend payers in Moldova




  • Population: 2.9 mln
  • GDP (2021*): USD 13.7 bln
  • GDP per capita (2021*): USD 4,700
  • Average real GDP growth (2015-2021): 1.95%**
  • Forecasted average real GDP growth ‘22-’24: +4.2%
  • Total loans / GDP (2021*):  23.18%
  • Currency: Moldovan leu (MDL)
  • Exchange rates (31 December 2021): MDL/ USD: 17.75; MDL/ EUR: 20.09
Recent developments
  • Pro-EU government has been installed recently after both presidential (November 2020) and parliamentary (July 2021) elections yielding a strong majority for the pro-EU block
  Source: (*) maib estimate, (**) Source: National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova


  • Moldovan economy remains underpenetrated in terms of banking services

  • Its banking system is well funded by customer deposits and well capitalized compared to regional peers

  • Return on assets remains relatively high



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Contact email for general queries IR@maib.md
Telephone +373 22 303 396

Julieta Plingau

Evgenii Risovich


Vytautas Plunksnis
Președinte al Consiliului
Deține funcția de Președinte al Consiliului băncii din iulie 2020. Concomitent, deține poziții ca: Șef Capital Privat, INVL Asset Management; Președinte al Consiliilor din Montuotojas, ECO Baltia, PET Baltija, Algoritmu Sistemos, Asociația Investitorilor; Membru al Consiliilor sistemelor NRD, Norvegia Registers Development, NRD CS; Membru al Comitetului de Investiții al INVL Technology. Din 2014 până în 2017 a fost Director al Consult Invalda.